Who We Are

Our mission is to Revitalize, Assemble and Mobilize pastors, ministers and laity to embrace and walk in the principles of Biblical teachings.

  • We will work tirelessly to revitalize each pastor, minister and member with new life and encouragement.  We will strive to awaken the dormant work of Christ inside each person.  This new found vitality that is awakened will begin an avalanche of new ministries and passions for God.
  • We will assemble men and women of God who thirst for the Word of God and want to make a difference.  We will use the Word as a plank to lead people to unknown waters full of blessings and knowledge.  This new passion will be a snowball of Gospel splendor that will be contagious.
  •  We will mobilize and motivate saints of God to magnify their gifts as they  go out and reach pastors, ministers and churches nationally and internationally.  We will not let state or global boundaries limit our reach.  With outreached hands and open hearts, we will empower each member to walk in their season.  Each person taught will become grounded in leadership, fellowship and ownership.

Our Statement of Purpose 

  • The purpose of Rapture Apostolic Ministries, Incorporation (R.A.M.) is to be a ministry where the Word of God takes precedence. As Disciples of Christ, we are to give physical form to the faith. We shall seek to fulfill our purpose in Christ Jesus through dynamic worship services, healing, teaching God’s Word, evangelizing communities, and through ministering to human needs spiritually and holistically. Rapture Apostolic Ministries, Inc. ministry has both a national and international scope.